Why Are Neg-Ions So Good

Research has shown that negative ions can:

Reduce histamine, which triggers hay fever.

Affect levels of serotonin, a neuro hormone associated with anxiety, stress and migraine, helping to relieve these symptoms.

Have a beneficial effect on anyone suffering from bronchial complaints such as bronchitis asthma, catarrh and the common cold.

Help sufferers of insomnia, migraine, emphysema, eczema, headaches, tiredness, and general feelings of malaise.

Increase the speed and quality of healing of burns and surgical incisions with less cross infection and reduced pain.

Enhance the body’s absorption and utilization of oxygen, thus assisting concentration and alertness.

Reduce the effects of passive smoking, and allergies to pollen, dust and pets.

Remove and destroy airborne bacteria and viruses.

Summary: In general, those people with sensitivities to airborne allergens will, understandably, have a greater and more immediate response due to the cleansing action of the negative ions. Children, in particular, seem to respond quickly. Most people will find though, that the effect is more subtle.