Astrid Ionisers’ Special Qualities

High output
Astrid ionisers generate small, breathable (sometimes called “ingestible”), oxygen ions which are extremely valuable to our health and well-being. They produce negative ion concentrations at the therapeutic levels scientists have found to be effective in the treatment of SAD (seasonal affective disorder), depression and many allergies.

Large area coverage
Evenly disperse high levels of negative ions over a very wide area – capable of covering areas greater than 8 metres (26 ft) in all directions. They will comfortably enrich and purify the air throughout even the largest room.

No ozone
Designed and built specifically NOT to produce toxic ozone. Laboratory tests confirmed “none detected”.

Energy efficient
Astrid ionisers are extremely energy efficient – they use less than 1/4 watt of electricity (that’s only 2 units per year) . This is by far the lowest power consumption of any air cleaner / ionizer available, giving an incredibly low carbon footprint and very low running cost.

Astrid ionisers have no moving parts that wear out or need replacing. They have proven to be extremely reliable, giving many years of trouble-free operation. The ion-emitter needles are designed to last for the lifetime of the ioniser. Apart from occasional cleaning of these needles (a very quick job using the supplied tool) they are maintenance-free. With no moving parts or noisy fan, they are silent in use – which is ideal for the bedroom, office or for studying. Places where even slight sounds can be very distracting.

No fan
No draughts to disturb sleep or concentration and no paperwork being blown around makes them ideal for virtually all situations.

No need for filters
Standard air cleaners only trap pollution from air that’s drawn through their filters. So a lot of air needs to be circulated in order to clean the furthest corners of the room. This air movement itself keeps much of the finer particles in suspension. And the filter is constantly “filling up” and becoming less effective. On the other hand, ions emitted from an ioniser spread out in an expanding cloud and actively seek out pollutants. They can effectively remove particles smaller than a hepa filter can trap. And they work on all areas of the room simultaneously.

A wonderful gift!
What can be better than the gift of fresh, pure, healthy air?