Modern Life Ion Balance

Unfortunately our modern lifestyle has contributed seriously to an environment that virtually eliminates negative ions from the air we breathe.

Negative ions are strongly attracted to airborne particles – which is how they clean the air – by attaching themselves to particles of dust, pollen, smoke or dirt and dragging them to the ground.

Every single particle of pollution uses up yet another precious ion.

So while there is a higher concentration of ions in the countryside, as you move into towns and cities, the dirt and pollution causes the negative ion level to drop dramatically.

Pollution from car exhausts, cigarette smoking, overcrowding and even our breathing, all contribute to this.

Ironically even the best and modern air conditioned buildings, vehicles and aircraft become supercharged with harmful positive ions because in their air conditioning systems, the friction of the air against plastic, metal, fans, filters and ducting, strip the air of negative ions and add high levels of positive ions even before we get to breathe it!

Worse still, fluorescent lighting, electrical equipment, television screens and static producing, man-made fibres in carpets, clothes and upholstery all reduce the level of negative ions and increase the positive ones.


Here are some sample readings
(bear in mind that the body responds to levels above 1000 ions per cc)

Near a waterfall: 50,000 ions per cc
In the mountains: 5,000 ions per cc
In the country: 1,500 ions per cc
In an average modern office: Only 50 ions per cc

As you can see A city office has probably the worst ion levels you can find!