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Astrid personal air ionizer

Buying on-line means lower prices.

You can now buy this popular range of air ionisers directly from us on-line.

We build a selection of models suitable for all countries and ship to anywhere in the world!

By cutting out the "middle-man" and selling to you direct, we:
  • Reduce unnecessary bulk shipping costs (and unnecessary emissions).
  • Cut out third party profits and charges - which we pass on to you.
  • Provide a one-to-one personal service.
  • We are always happy to answer any questions you may have, whether technical or otherwise.
  • Just send a message from our "Contact Us" page and we'll get the appropriate person to send you the information promptly.

    All our ionisers:

  • Have very high negative ion output.

  • Produce small, breathable (ingestible), oxygen ions.

  • Generate negative ion concentrations at therapeutic levels.

  • Evenly disperse negative ions over a very wide area .

  • Are designed specifically NOT to produce toxic ozone.

  • Are silent in use and draught-free.

  • Are extremely efficient - all models use less than 1/4 watt of electricity.

  • Are compact, lightweight and portable.

  • What can be better than the gift of fresh pure air?
No ozone - Safe for
even the most delicate lungs

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