Privacy, Security and Cookies

Our privacy policy is straightforward:

We do not share your details with anyone. Any details we do collect are only those necessary for the purposes of normal business. ie. delivery and guarantee. We do not compile email lists and you will not be contacted other than for genuine reasons.

Security and Payments

You can be assured that all payments through this site are extremely secure - to the highest banking standards.

Unlike many on-line stores, we don't collect your card information and store it for later processing. In fact we don't collect your card details at all. - Instead we use WorldPay - who operate the latest, most secure systems - to process all card transactions directly into the banking system.

When you buy through our shop the only details we collect are your name, address and shopping cart contents.

At the checkout, after confirming you wish to pay by card, you are connected directly to WorldPay's secure server (the address in your browser changes to https: and you'll see padlock symbols). You have temporarily left our site.

Now, Just like on-line banking, or at a cashpoint machine, you are entering your details straight into the bank's computer with no human intervention.

WorldPay collect payment on our behalf and pay it into our account later.

We have been using this system since 1999 and found it to be very reliable and secure.


A "cookie" is a small piece of code offered as a form of of identification when visiting a web site. You can choose whether your computer accepts or denies cookies by changing the settings in your web browser (but because they are a useful feature the default setting is normally to "accept").

Our store uses cookies in a form called a "session ID". As its name implies, for the duration of the visit, every visitor is given a unique ID (or ticket number).

This links them to their own individual shopping basket - This is essential for a shop as there can be many visitors at one time, each with a different basket.

The cookie only lasts one "session". So 20 minutes after leaving our site the cookie is set to expire. If you return later you will be seen as a completely new visitor and given a new empty basket.


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