Astrid Specifications

Specifications of Astrid air ionisers

  • Ion output: 9,600,000,000,000 ions per second at 2.5 cm.
    That's 9.6 trillion ions per second.

  • Output at 1 metre: 215,000 ions per cc.Ultra high coverage (L2100 model) Covers 8 metres (26 feet) in all directions (52ft diameter circle)

  • Output at 8 metres: 1000 ions per cc. Our body starts to respond to negative ions when their concentration raises above a level of 1000 ions per cubic centimeter (cc) of air. We use this standard measurement to determine the effective area.

  • Ozone free: Ozone emissions were undetectable. Ozone is an irritant and best avoided by anyone with breathing difficulties. More about ozone.

  • Efficient: Astrid ionisers use less than 1/4 watt of electricity. That's around 1 year's continuous use for just 2 units (2kWh) of electricity.

  • Needles: Our ionisers use non-replaceable needles made from a combination of metals, ensuring a high output and long life. The needles are accurately aligned in our workshops for the highest efficiency. Our models do not produce corrosive ozone that erodes the needle tips so they last the lifetime of the ionisers.

  • Environmentally friendly: No filters to change and discard.

  • Silent: Astrid ionisers have no fan and no moving parts. Negative ions are dispersed as an "ion breeze" which ensures they are silent and draught free.

  • Reliable: Astrid ionisers are built with the highest quality components. They are "solid state" with no moving parts and throughout many years of testing have proven themselves to be extremely reliable.

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